Thursday, July 19, 2007

Library 2.0 Thing 15

This thing was not a fun thing, but an interesting thing. Library 2.0 is a concept for keeping libraries up to date with the latest technology and the way patrons seek information and data. It is of course based on Web 2.0 and the fact that people use the web not just for looking up information, but for work, study and play. I thought the article "Away from the icebergs" was especially interesting. The part where he talks about the "just in case" library collection that anticipates what the patron will need, without wasting space on what they won't need. Rick Anderson, who wrote the article said that in his library they have seen a 55% drop in circulation rates over the past 12 years which makes it harder to justify a buildup of the print collection. He suggests that with Web 2.0 a reality, patrons will "expect access to everything - digital collections of journals, books, blogs, podcasts, etc. You think they can't have everything? Think again. This may be our great opportunity." At a time when are constantly trying to figure out ways to draw patrons into the library, we may have to instead think of ways to bring the library to the patron.Very interesting ideas. Check them out!

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